Brand new, design-driven, Summit Brick Company website!

We’ve listened to our customers. We know you need design at your fingertips at all hours of the day, in all the places that you go and we are presenting our solution: the brand new, color-driven Summit Brick Company website!

Our new website is not only restructured with you in mind, but it has been formatted to work great for any device you are exploring with. Responsive to iPads, tablets and mobile devices, we want to make working with Summit Brick Company easier and even more inspiring.



Color Selector

Our PRODUCT section has been majorly upgraded! We now have a “Color Selector” to categorize all of our brick color options. You choose from one of our 9 color categories to filter your choices. We hope this makes it easier to inspire, plan and choose the perfect product for your project.
Another new change is that all of our products, whether from our Summit Plant or Lakewood Plant, are intermingled to best find your perfect brick. Each product has the production plant, size availability, and texture availability displayed in the description when selected (you can also see project examples on select products).




Our INSPIRE section is our new project gallery. We hope our portfolio inspires your project, large or small, throughout the design process! These images indicate what color of brick is on the project, and you can also see project examples when you select a color from our PRODUCT section! Our new website is a tool to inspire architectural elegance, something we at Summit Brick Company strive to do in all of our practices.


Core Values

Summit Brick is a family-owned company dedicated to the design industry for over 100 years. We have strong values, an inspiring mission and great company history that we are proud to share with our customers. Our LEARN section displays our commitment to our customers, our environment and our company. Please check out our Mission Statement and Core Values in the WHY SBC? section!


Our CUSTOMIZE section is another place with many tools for your process of design. We have different sizes, textures, shapes and a custom blending option to capture even the most unique plans. With various size and shape drawings available, we want to aid the customization of your project.


Drawings: we have provided a selection of size and shape drawings for you to see details, dimensions, etc. Just click on any display image to see it enlarged!


Where to find…
Product downloads
MSDS Data Sheets
Other products we carry


At the bottom of every landing page on our website you can hover over the bottom navigation to display a pop-up menu with any other information you need to see how Summit Brick Company is the right choice for your design needs.


We hope that our new website makes it easier to serve our customers with our quality clay product. Thank you for choosing Summit Brick!

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