New Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Opens 12/13/14!

Summit Brick Company is extremely proud to have been part of the new construction of Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. Mortenson Construction, Davis Partnership, H+L and ZGF have done a spectacular job on a beautiful hospital.

We were thrilled to be invited to the “Contractor’s Open House” and once again, we were proud to have worked with such amazing professionals on an amazing vision. After breakfast, face painting and balloon making, we were able to see 4 of the 7 floors opening at the hospital in under one month!

The wonderful design did not stop with the exterior (ehem… Summit Brick Company’s customized St Joe’s blend) and there was no overlooked detail. From floor-to-ceiling windows, fire pits, to patient room sofas that can convert four different ways, St Joe’s exemplifies architectural excellence and elegance.


Outdoor view from Cafe
Summit Brick Company – Colorado sourced
Chapel view from Cafe



Family room on the Center for Women & Infants floor
Balcony off of the Center for Women and Infants floor




Thank you Saint Joseph Hospital for the fantastic “sneak peek” tour and event! And thank you to everyone who has worked together to build an exceptional hospital to care after our Denver area.

Cold Weather Masonry Construction

Besides the fact that you should have your brick fireplace up and burning by now, there are more things to consider in masonry when these winter months are upon us.

As the construction industry fights back from the recession, contractors may not want to stop large construction (or small for that matter) projects because of a little cold weather or snowstorm.

Brick masonry can be laid in virtually in any weather conditions –with the right preparation, and treatments. To ensure the quality of masonry construction there are mandatory building codes to follow. Contractors and masons must be well-prepared and have thoughtfully planned ahead so they can implement their best quality control efforts with dropping temperatures.

For a complete table – See
For a complete table – See

Units may not be laid if they have a temperature under 20° Fahrenheit or have ice or snow on them. So, if brick is being left on a job site, the units must be properly stored with tarpaulins or polyethylene sheets, and free from any water drainage. Heating the brick, even if they are above 20°F may be a good idea prior to laying as it helps with minimize the effects of cold weather on mortar hydration.

Cold materials used to mix mortar create different properties that cause reduced early strength (lower water content, increase air). As displayed in the chart above, if temperatures are below 40°F you must heat the sand or mixing water to temps between 40-120°F. Ideal temps are between 60-80°F. Water is the easiest material to heat.

The process of hydration of cement continues over an extended time developing the strength of the bond in masonry. Newly constructed masonry must take protective measures. If the temperature drops below 40°F it must be covered with a weather-resistive membrane for 24 hours. If the temp is 20-25° you must use insulated blankets and if it is below 20°F you must heat the enclosure to 32°F for 24 hours.


Last winter, during the construction of Exempla Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Summit Brick Company’s St Joseph’s blend had to be enclosed and heated as they worked through the cold days. Masonry contractors will enclose sections at a time and often, scaffold companies will have enclosures that work for covering a newly constructed section at a time.

As freezing temperatures creep in, it is important that everyone involved in a project can plan accordingly. Following provided guidelines will help ensure proper quality construction of masonry in winter weather.

NEW, warm residential color

SBC has an innovative and talented customer here in Denver, Chalet Homes. We have done a lot of beautiful home projects in the Washington Park area with them and there is one in particular going up right now we think looks stunning. There is great masonry detailing and contrasting windows, but we LOVE the brick color.  Working together with Chalet, our new color the Cotto Stone (Summit Plant) was born and it was too beautiful not to add to our product line.  SBC’s ability to design custom works with our clients is something that sets us apart and will put a personal and unique finishing and touch on your project.

“Cotto” translates to “done” and we believe this is a well-done brick. See for yourself!

Cotto Stone
482WT Cotto Stone





About Chalet:

Chalet was founded on the principle that design excellence and best construction practices are inseparable. The practice of construction and design professionals working together under one roof is one of the oldest forms of construction and stems from the “Master Builder” approach.  Working directly with the Chalet Architectural Design team, our construction partners are able to see that each detail is executed exactly as drawn and in compliance with the overall design intent.  Our collaborative approach results in proven cost controls, streamlined scheduling, effective project management and an overall project synergy that seldom exists between contractors and architect. (via

New, up and coming look? We have it! SBC now carrying Creative Mines.

In this fast-paced world we are always looking for the “up and coming” restaurant, neighborhood, technology and fashion. We want to continue to help you stay ahead of the trend. Summit Brick Company is now a proud distributor of Creative Mines! We are very excited to add this to our product selection giving you a fresh look on design and manufactured stone veneer. Please visit to find out more about Creative Mines masonry veneer.




Whitegold JPEG

Whitegold Craft Orchard Limestone

Creative Mines creates a variety of beautiful crafted masonry. We love this fresh Whitegold Orchard Limestone for residential.


The contemporary styles from Creative Mines is where we get ECSTATIC. We think the Board Form and Flamed Rectangle products will bring our customers something new and unique to get them ahead of the trend.





Monsoon Craft Board Form

We have never carried anything like this product and we are hoping you love it as much as we do. The Craft Board Form has a potential to be extremely versatile and monumental in our market.

About Creative Mines


Our people represent the core values of Creative Mines. We’re a family with a passion for fresh ideas and superior masonry veneer products. We combine the perfect blend of experience, knowledge, youth and energy in everything we do.


Unconstrained by the burden of past building cycles, old inventory and antiquated technology, we collaborate with the building and architectural communities and explore new concepts. Our goal is to always uncover relevant, end-user appropriate masonry veneer products.


Masonry Veneer products should be suitable for deserving architectural styles. We get that. And, in doing so, dreams more easily turn into reality. With a constantly evolving variety of products, Creative Mines provides a motherlode of solutions for today’s interior and exterior cladding needs.


For our crafted masonry veneer line, we have developed a superior mix design composed of 70% post-industrial content. This mix also eliminates the need for smokestack-produced fly ash used by other manufacturers. Instead, we use high-purity, natural pumice pozzolan that enhances compressive strength, minimizes efflorescence, resists sulfate attack, reduces permeability and improves durability.


We’ve spent years unearthing the best natural stone from North America. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures each and every stone meets our standards of consistency and availability. Consequently, Creative Mines Natural Masonry Veneer delivers a more streamlined and efficient selection process for natural masonry veneer projects. We’ve also taken a commonsense approach adapted from our Crafted Masonry Veneer that results in a simplified installation process.


Please call your Summit Brick Representative with any questions or inquiries today!


Other Creative Mines Products we crave:

To see all of Creative Mines crafted veneer, go here!

Brand new, design-driven, Summit Brick Company website!

We’ve listened to our customers. We know you need design at your fingertips at all hours of the day, in all the places that you go and we are presenting our solution: the brand new, color-driven Summit Brick Company website!

Our new website is not only restructured with you in mind, but it has been formatted to work great for any device you are exploring with. Responsive to iPads, tablets and mobile devices, we want to make working with Summit Brick Company easier and even more inspiring.



Color Selector

Our PRODUCT section has been majorly upgraded! We now have a “Color Selector” to categorize all of our brick color options. You choose from one of our 9 color categories to filter your choices. We hope this makes it easier to inspire, plan and choose the perfect product for your project.
Another new change is that all of our products, whether from our Summit Plant or Lakewood Plant, are intermingled to best find your perfect brick. Each product has the production plant, size availability, and texture availability displayed in the description when selected (you can also see project examples on select products).




Our INSPIRE section is our new project gallery. We hope our portfolio inspires your project, large or small, throughout the design process! These images indicate what color of brick is on the project, and you can also see project examples when you select a color from our PRODUCT section! Our new website is a tool to inspire architectural elegance, something we at Summit Brick Company strive to do in all of our practices.


Core Values

Summit Brick is a family-owned company dedicated to the design industry for over 100 years. We have strong values, an inspiring mission and great company history that we are proud to share with our customers. Our LEARN section displays our commitment to our customers, our environment and our company. Please check out our Mission Statement and Core Values in the WHY SBC? section!


Our CUSTOMIZE section is another place with many tools for your process of design. We have different sizes, textures, shapes and a custom blending option to capture even the most unique plans. With various size and shape drawings available, we want to aid the customization of your project.


Drawings: we have provided a selection of size and shape drawings for you to see details, dimensions, etc. Just click on any display image to see it enlarged!


Where to find…
Product downloads
MSDS Data Sheets
Other products we carry


At the bottom of every landing page on our website you can hover over the bottom navigation to display a pop-up menu with any other information you need to see how Summit Brick Company is the right choice for your design needs.


We hope that our new website makes it easier to serve our customers with our quality clay product. Thank you for choosing Summit Brick!

Capture to Inspire 2014 Winners!

Congratulations to our three distributors that placed in our first annual Capture to Inspire Photo Contest! Over six months ago we opened up the contest to our distributors across the country to send in images of Summit Brick projects through out the nation that they thought inspired architectural elegance. We received an abundance of photos from many of our valued distributors. From interiors to large commercial jobs, every entry was impressive.

FIRST PLACE: Texas Women’s University Science Building entered by Blackson Brick

“Excellent photos showing the details, depth and setting of the brick.”

bkb den twu science - CC


bkb den twu science - 76

Project: Texas Women’s University Science Building
Location: Denton, Texas
Architect: Perkins+Will
Color: University Blend (50% 450A Bonfire, 20% 653 Inca, 15% 450D Dark Toltec & 15% 453L Light Mocha)
Size: Modular
Texture: Grain
Completed: September 2010
Photography: Ray Don Tilley

“Since 1978, Blackson Brick Co. has served architects and the construction industry on the strengths of responsive, experienced customer service and innovative, quality products. Our consistent commitment to excellence is reflected in exclusive regional distributions for many of the fine brick and stone options presented here.”


SECOND PLACE: Scottish Rite entered by Bricks Incorporated

“The photos showed how the brick blended well with the other architectural components of the building.  Also liked the range and depth of the brick photos of the project.”

Scottish Rite - CC

Project: Scottish Rite
Location: Bloomingdale, IL
Architect: TVS Design
Color: Dove
Size: Modular and Norman, with 2 shapes
Texture: Grain
Completed: May 2011
Photography: Midwest Masonry (Mundelein, Illinois)

“Throughout our history we continue to serve the industry via our outlets in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Aurora. Our client base consists of architects, owners, general contractors, mason contractors and individuals. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a go to knowledgeable group of people who can assist you in selecting, designing, and implementing your every building need.”


THIRD PLACE: Arizona Brick Source

“Great photo showing a unique design of thin brick in a residential setting.”


Distributor: AZ Brick Source
Project: Lane Street
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Color: Cherry Bloom
Size: Modular Thin Brick
Texture: Antique
Completed: 12/31
Photography: ABS

“We represent over 20 years experience in clay masonry, and specialize in veneer products for commercial and residential applications. Some of our product partners have been producing beautiful, durable products for over 100 years! If you are tired of the “cookie-cutter” look – and don’t want to settle for material that fades and won’t stand up to years of use…”


We are proud of our product and the distributors we work with to create masonry masterpieces across the country. Check out our below gallery for more entries in our 2014 Capture to Inspire Contest! A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Union Station: Grand Opening Celebration

Thousands of people gathered in Denver Friday for a monumental opening in the Mile High City. Union Station has been renovated and restored to be a remarkable and ambitious transportation hub in the heart of Downtown Denver. Speeches from Colorado senators, the U.S Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, RTD, DUSPA, Kiewit, and Governor Hickenlooper were followed by a ribbon cutting and street party.


Summit Brick Company was happy to send a couple of our own for front row seats at the Grand Opening. Check out some of the festivities captured.

We are proud to be a part of a celebration of a beautiful completed project and especially one that symbolizes enormous growth for the city of Denver.







North Building: Summit Plant: Pebble Gray grain with Winter Sky grain accents

South Building: Summit Plant: Pebble Gray smooth with Winter Sky smooth accents

Buying Summit, is buying local

The question is perhaps best answered by Michael H. Shuman, author of Going Local. As Shuman writes, “Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs.” –

In Colorado, buying brick from Summit Brick Company, is buying local. What is buying local? Why is it important? When you buy locally owned it benefits our communities. I love Shuman’s words choice of “nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably” – both “nurturing” and “sustainably” strike a chord. We have a responsibility to both encourage the growth and development of our local communities-the definition of “nurture”-and to maintain or “sustain” our natural resources and beautiful planet for future generations. Choose local, choose Summit Brick Company.

Benefits include:

1. Strengthen your local economy.

2. Reduce environmental impact. Shipping from our Pueblo or Lakewood plants here in Colorado uses less natural resources and releases less pollution.

3. Provide jobs in your community. Summit Brick Company employs approximately 100 employees in the Colorado area.

4. Receive better service. Summit Brick Company takes the time to get to know their customers because they are our neighbors.

5. Invest in our community. 

6. Encourage local prosperity. 

Fossil Trace      Fossil Trace5     Fossil Trace4      Fossil Trace3      Fossil Trace2


If you are local here in Colorado, you might recognize the spectacular and unique Fossil Trace Golf Course above. Fossil Trace Golf Club is located in Golden, Colorado and is one of Colorado’s premier public golf courses.  Jim Engh, a renowned golf course architect, constructed the course with the original landscape in mind, a large reclaimed clay mine from Lakewood Brick & Tile Co.  Large outcropping of rock and some of the original mining equipment are still on the course today.  This is a great example of how innovative ideas come from the clay mine reclamation process and how it can have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Not only is Summit Brick Company local here in Colorado, but we are also proud to be family-owned and operated for over 111 years. Read this post to hear more about Summit’s history!

Bringing the outdoors, in!

Summit Brick Company: Color - Morocco
Summit Brick Company: Color – Morocco

There is a trend we love for interior spaces right now, and that is bringing the outdoors in! Large windows, indoor plants, natural décor, and how about what is on the exterior of your home? Thin brick looks great inside, too! It gives a vintage yet trendy ambiance to a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Rustic chic, anyone? It has the versatile function for character in any vintage or contemporary style home.  Building a wine cellar or bar in your basement?  When entertaining guests in your own home, give them the warmth and welcoming richness of brick to accompany that glass of wine.

Best part for stylish, thrifty homeowners? It is DIY! The do-it-yourself-er needs to look no further for their next home project. Thin brick does not require a structural footing as it is well below the 15 lbs per square foot maximum for adhered veneer. There are also great systems such as TABS II that make installation a breeze.  All you need is a few simple tools and you can paint your wall will real clay masonry.  Summit Brick Company carries a variety of colors to fit your next project and corners are available to give the appearance of full bed depth masonry.  We also have the ability to make custom thicknesses so you can show relief and shadow effects if you choose to do a soldier course or any other architectural detail.  Let your imagination run wild!

Look at our Pinterest “Interiors” board to get inspired here!

Check out Summit Brick Company’s thin brick here.


New year, new look!

It is Summit Brick Company’s mission to provide quality clay and building products accompanied by great and personalized customer service. With the utmost respect for safety, the environment and the community, Summit looks to maintain growth and be a leader in the industry through the future.

It’s February of 2014 and we want to highlight some of the new colors we have added to our repertoire here at Summit Brick Company this year! Both of our plants strive to make quality clay brick in colors that fit every aspiration of a design. Our resolution this year is the same as always, to be as true to our company mission as possible, but we want to focus this year on adapting with our ever changing design community offering a selection of clay colors that cannot be beat.

Check out a few or our colors offered now at Summit Brick Company!

Summit Plant

486WT Palisade

486WT Palisade


486WT Palisade

Palisade’s inspiration was the landscape of the “Peach Capital on Colorado”. It’s not the lovely peach orchards and wineries where this great brick got its name, but the Grand Mesa National Forest that was the true inspiration. Palisade makes a great residential brick.

174 Crimson Shadow

Crimson Shadow

174 Crimson Shadow

Crimson Shadow is a very modern twist to a traditional feel and look.  Subtle variation and a slight sheen make this a great brick for commercial projects as it offers aesthetic range and depth.  It is also great for residential projects giving the look of a dark beehive-fired unit such those used on the historic homes in the Cherry Creek District of Denver, CO.

Lakewood Plant


818 Ebony    



Sleek and modern would be the best way to describe this very popular brick from SBC’s Lakewood Plant! It is chosen often because of its sheen and sleek monochromatic feel.  An excellent dark color for modern projects like town homes and condos going up in Denver’s newest hot spot, LoHi.

Black Diamond

815 Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is another great contemporary color lending itself to complimenting the mix-medium designs of today’s architectural world.  It is an excellent choice when a luster finish is desired, allowing the other finishes to create a dynamic look!

We are proud of our ability to offer a vast array of colors, new and old! Please visit our site to see a full list of what we offer.

Jessica Huebner
Marketing Manager
Summit Brick Company
Inspiring Architectural Elegance…