Easy way to impress your friends…

…at least your friends who are easily impressed 😉

In the Brick Industry we LOVE our vocab, but these words can be confusing for someone on the outside. So- here’s Summit Brick’s vocabulary guide so you too can talk the talk. Throw some of these goodies into your next conversation and see how impressed everyone is!

Let’s start easy: Brick is a solid masonry unit of clay or shale, formed into a rectangular prism while plastic and burned or fired in a kiln

Now for the more technical:
Admixtures: materials added to mortar to impart special properties to the mortar
Buttering: placing mortar on a masonry unit with a trowel
Culls: masonry units which do not meet the standards or specifications and have been rejected
Drip: A projecting piece of material, shaped to throw off water and prevent its running down the face of wall or other surface
Efflorescence: A powder or stain sometimes found on the surface of masonry, resulting from deposition of water-soluble salts
Furring: a method of finishing the interior face of a masonry wall to provide space for insulation, prevent moisture transmittance, or to provide a level surface for finishing
Prism: a small masonry assemblage made with masonry units and mortar. Primarily used to predict the strength of full scale masonry members
Shale: clay which has been subjected to high pressures until it has hardened
Temper: to moisten and mix clay, plaster or mortar to a proper consistency
Veneer: a single wythe of masonry for facing purposes, not structurally bonded
For more visit www.gobrick.com!

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