Get your backyard ready for CELEBRATING!

With the Fourth of July coming up quickly, we’re getting ready to enjoy some time outside on our patios! Here are some amazing, simple, fun, DIY ideas to get your backyard ready for celebrating with family & friends! All can be created with surplus brick!

1) Labeling old bricks with everything you’re growing in your garden. Grab some paint and get creative! This is an easy way to show-off all of the hard work you put into planting and maintaining your garden.

DIY Instructions here:

2) With just a few materials, create these cute centerpieces that really stand out! Fill up the holes with candles, succulents, or sparklers!


Get the full tutorial here:

3) Create a raised brick planter in a few simple steps! Plant your favorite red, white, and blue flowers in it to really celebrate the holiday.


Follow along here:

4) Make a brick bird bath to invite some feathered friends to your party.


Try this one out:

5) If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even DIY a BBQ Grill. Might take a little bit more planning to get it started, but WOW doesn’t it look amazing?!


Instructions for those ready to take this on:

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