8 Incredibly Creative Ways to Use Painter Bricks- ON SALE NOW!

At our Lakewood plant we currently have thousands (and thousands!) of what’s considered “painter brick”. This brick of ours is perfectly fine to use, but only “off” because of its color. A lot of times we can sell the off-colored brick as a whole, but when we can’t it’s put into our “painter brick” pile.

As you can imagine, thousands of bricks in the yard takes up a lot of room! In order to make room for new orders, new colors, more stock items we are putting our “painter bricks” up for sale! We have both Grain and Smooth brick ON SALE!

To order or inquire more about colors, price, etc…please CONTACT US!

Like the sound of that deal, but don’t quite know what to do with our painter bricks? Here are some incredibly creative ideas:

1) Painted Holiday Bricks: Grab several painter bricks from our plant, some paint, and any other decorations you may want! This is an easy, family-friendly craft that will really get you into the holiday spirit!


2) Bookends: Do you have a ton of books laying around? Painting some bricks as bookends is a great way to organize your shelves and have it look great too.    Capture3

3) Candle Holder: What a great centerpiece this could make for your big holiday dinners! If you’re not liking the original color of the brick, you can easily paint these however you desire.


4) Personally Engraved: This is a little bit more work, but the finished product looks lovely! Make sure to read up on how to do this safely!




All of these ideas are wonderful to make with painter bricks BUT make sure you do your research beforehand to make sure that you will be safe and that everything will be secure and long-lasting. You might even consider hiring someone to do it for you!

1) Raised Garden Bed: This is a great way to add more eye-catching detail into your garden. Try it with different patterns and see what you like best!



2) Outdoor Shower: No need to track mud, dirt, grime, chlorine into your home anymore with this outdoor shower! The great thing about mis-matched painter brick colors is that the look is SO in right now. We really love the look of this outdoor shower!


3) Outdoor Faucet: Creating an outdoor faucet is a perfect way to not have to lug gallons of water from your house to your garden. You can even get creative with this and find a design you really enjoy!



4) Brick Planter: Always a great addition to the front of your home or your backyard.






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