Create A Look All Your Own!

We are pretty fond of our ability to create custom blends! This allows you to match super tricky brick blends on existing buildings or to create something all your own. Both of our plants, Lakewood and Pueblo, specialize in blending, allowing you to have our entire color pallet at your fingertips. Try out our Custom Blend Generator on the website to create a blend all your own. Visit our website or contact us if you have questions regarding custom blending!


Examples of our Custom Blends:

1) CU Biotechnology Building: “We maintained the Tuscan themes but used brick in lieu of stone, saving the project thousands of dollars. We saved the campus money without losing our vision!” -notes from the Design Team on this project. This project was a nine-way blend from our Lakewood plant and it utilized both straight edge and tumbled brick. The design team on this project wanted to simulate natural stone and achieved this look by working closely with our production team.


2) Colorado School of Mines- Brown Hall: Brown Hall was a project that sought after merging the historic architecture on the Colorado School of Mines campus while adjusting to the modern era. The custom blend created for this special project was subtle, yet stunning, and combined with the architectural detail crafts an impressive allusion to the viewers’ eye.


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