On-Trend: Brick Edition!

While bricks NEVER go out of style, we certainly do see different trends each and every season in regards to color. For the summer season, we are loving our lighter colored bricks. Our white, cream, tan colors are PERFECT for making rooms seem bigger, adding a modern twist, or making something really pop!

Our favorite on-trend colors are below, but head on over to our website if you want to see everything we offer!

ALASKAN2560 Alaskan Thin Brick (1)256 Alaskan Modular 1 email (1)

THISTLEDOWNTHISTLEDOWN 4X8X16 001 (1)Thistledown, Residential Home, Texas (1)

ALPINE ASHAlpine Ash (1)

TETON GRAYTeton Gray (1)Teton Gray Residence Photo 2 (1)

DAKOTA376GB Dakota (1)Dakota2 (1)

CONCORDE702TBL Concorde (1)702TBL Concorde 1 (1)

NEPALNepal Edit (1)

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