Brick Patterns: 4 Creative Ways to Use Patterns

Whether you’re looking to create a brick pathway in your backyard, put up a brick accent wall in your house, or create a brick floor in your laundry room, keep in mind all the different patterns you could use. Just changing the pattern of your brick can completely change the look of the room. Below are some great options for mixing it up!

1) Running Bond– this common pattern is also super simple. Just lay the bricks in a straight line and stagger the rows on top from there.

2) Stack Bond– this bond is where bricks are laid end to end with no staggering of rows.

3) Basket Weave– this bond creates a checkered look, sort of like a basket weave (hence the name). This bond is best for brick on the ground, as it’s not load-bearing.

4) Herringbone– this pattern is created by laying bricks at an angle in a zigzag pattern.

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