5 Reasons Pavers are Perfect


Pavers are always a great addition to areas with heavy foot traffic- such as walkways, patios, or driveways. These solid clay bricks are created without holes to help ensure they can withstand a lot of weight and use without moving or breaking. Here are some other reasons to choose brick pavers for your next project:

1) Durability: Bricks are made to last, basically, forever. Even with daily wear and tear, you can rest assured that your brick pavers will last.

2) Lasting Color: Compared to other materials, brick pavers really don’t fade. They are still prone to dirt, grime, and other stains, but a good pressure wash should easily get rid of that making them look brand new!

3) Maintenance: Brick pavers, after installation, require little to no maintenance. However, you should periodically keep an eye out for cracks between pavers to refill with sand, pull out all weeds you see, and clean up any oil stains on the surface.

4) Lots of Possibilities: Different colors and patterns allow you to be creative with your design. There is not just one way to install a brick walkway or patio, therefore endless possibilities.

5) Eco-Friendly: Bricks are made with inherently natural ingredients and there are countless recycling options. Brick is naturally energy-efficient and is better at keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Summit Brick offers several different colors of Pavers for your next project. We even have several surplus Paving Brick options on the website, available now! Check it out RIGHT NOW!

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