Two Become One

Summit Brick Company was first established in Pueblo, Colorado under the name of Summit Brick & Tile Co in 1902 by Joseph Welte. With only some earnings from a previous job, Joseph set out west in hopes of striking it rich in gold. When that didn’t pan out, he moved to Colorado to manage a brick plant- Summit Brick & Tile Co. This location serves as our headquarters and provides a full-product showroom for customers in the area.

The Summit Brick & Tile Co expanded their market outside the local area by expanding their marketing efforts, as well as acquiring other brick companies. Their first acquisition was in 1931 with Lakewood Brick & Tile Company, currently our Lakewood, Colorado plant. The acquisition of this company has enabled Summit Brick Company to expand their overall brick capacity.

Lakewood Brick & Tile opened in 1919 with help of the Dennison brothers. Due to the Great Depression, the brothers sold their plant to Summit Brick & Tile Co. Today the Lakewood plant has a great ability to create custom, unique, and innovative blends. With more modern controls and a computerized production, the Lakewood plant has greatly increased their productivity.

In 2005 Summit Brick & Tile Co and Lakewood Brick & Tile combined their sales and marketing efforts to become Summit Brick Company. Thus, the two became one!

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