HOW-TO: Install a Brick Paver Patio

Brick pavers are a simple and relatively cheap way to upgrade your backyard. The best part is you can do it yourself! Here’s how:

  1. Create a plan. Create a blueprint for your patio, figure out how many pavers you will need, and head to to pick out the exact pavers you’re wanting! Be sure to check out our surplus shop too for some paver deals.
  2. Prepare your base. Excavate the area- getting rid of grass, soil, bigger rocks- leaving just enough room for the gravel, sand, and your pavers.
  3. Add gravel and sand. Add your gravel into your newly excavated area and tamp it down so it’s level. Then, pour your sand over the entire area and, using a rake, ensure that it’s evenly distributed. Before moving on, make sure it’s level.
  4. Lay your Summit Brick pavers. Start in a corner and begin laying your brick pavers in whatever pattern you choose (Need ideas? ). Make sure that the pavers are secure by tapping them into place.
  5. Fill in gaps. Once your pavers are all in place, spread a layer to sand over the whole patio. Using a broom, push the sand all over, working it into the gaps between the pavers. Next, soak the patio with a small amount of water to help settle the sand and then repeat until all gaps are filled.
  6. Finish your patio! Add in your furniture, grill, plants, etc. Relax and enjoy your brick patio for YEARS to comeCoronado Paver Phoenix Small (1)

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