SHOWCASE- Creative Mines

We LOVE being able to distribute Creative Mines in our showrooms. They have both Craft Stone Veneer and Natural Stone Veneer. The Craft Stone Veneer is made from “natural pumice pozzolan that enhances natural color and strength, minimizes efflorescence, resists sulfate attacks, reduces permeability and improves durability.” The Natural Stone Veneer has a “rigorous evaluation process ensures every stone meets (their) standards of consistency and availability.” Which ever one you choose, you can’t go wrong! It’s all going to look fantastic in your home!

Another reason we love Creative Mines is because they love their people. They are all passionate about the products they create and always trying to make the BEST products for their customers.

Stop by one of our showrooms to get a closer look at some of the Creative Mines products, or visit their website at: Give us a shout if you find something you’re interested in…it might even be on SALE at our Lakewood Plant!


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