4 Reasons Why Brick is Better- Winter Edition

With the winter weather quickly approaching you might be asking yourself, “How will my brick home hold up in the coming weather?” Luckily, brick is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials out there! Here are some reasons why brick is always the right choice, especially in the winter:

1) Holds Heat: No need to bundle up by the fire each night. “When winter rolls around, the interior of the brick wall actively absorbs and redistributes heat back inside of your house, helping to keep it warmer.” (https://turnbullmasonry.com/brick-homes-stay-cooler-summer/).

2) Energy Efficient: Brick can help keep your energy bills down, when compared with other masonry materials. Brick works to stabilize temperatures in the home by delaying the passage of heat through the wall. So, in the summer, the hot temperatures won’t reach inside your home as quickly and in the winter the interior wall will absorb the heat already in the home and redistribute it.

3) Durability: No matter the weather you can trust that your brick home is going to do just fine. There’s no need to worry about replacing, re-painting, or re-siding a home when you are using brick, like you might with other materials. Even years and years later, your brick will still be strong and reliable.

4) Blocks Noise: The roaring winds and snowstorms outside won’t keep you up anymore! Brick is naturally dense, which helps to block sounds from the outside. While it won’t block out all sounds, it will do a better job than vinyl or wood siding!

Interested in improving your home with brick? Check out all Summit Brick has to offer and Contact Us with any questions you may have!

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