Hit the Ground Running

That old fireplace in your home is begging for a upgrade, your front entryway would really pop with a brick archway, your patio could use a firepit so you can host more get-togethers…whatever new project is calling your name, we know you’re ready to hit the ground running!

Lucky for you we have lots of inventory on the ground just waiting for new homes! Here are our top MODULAR SIZED inventory items at both of our plants. See something you’re interested in? Send us a message so we can put an order in for ya! Remember- these are already produced, so there’s no waiting around for it to be made. Available NOW!

Medium Buff Smooth
Evening Sage Smooth
Medium Red Smooth
Ivy League Grain
Graphite Grain
Light Gray Grain
Dark Gray Grain
Black Pearl Grain
Burgundy Grain

Cedar Ridge
Light Toltec
Fawn Grain
Thistledown Vertical Scratch
Dove Smooth
Pebble Gray Grain


Get a look at the different colors available at: https://summitbrick.com/facebrick.html

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