HOW TO: Install a Thin Brick Wall

Installing a thin brick wall on your own is WAY easier than you think! With just a couple tools, your favorite Summit Brick thin brick, and a blank wall- the world is really your oyster! There are so many different things you can do with thin brick from covering walls, re-doing your fireplace, or adding a kitchen backsplash. If you need more inspiration- click here.

Keep in mind- these instructions are for adding thin brick to an interior masonry wall. If you’re wanting to add thin brick outside or even a very large area, a metal lath may be needed. If you have questions on how to install please contact us!

Read on for HOW TO install your very own thin brick wall:

1. Figure out what Summit Brick thin brick you’d like. Head to our website, a local showroom, or shop our surplus page for deals. After you find one you enjoy, figure out how many square feet you’ll need for the wall and ORDER!

2. Gather the other materials you will need. You will need mortar, grout, and a metal trowel.

3. Before applying thin brick, ensure that the wall is clean and clear. Give it a good sponge bath and get rid of anything that might be sticking out of the wall.

4. Using your metal trowel, apply mortar to the back of the thin brick. Starting in one corner of the wall, lay the thin brick flat and straight. Before moving on to the next brick make sure that the one you just laid doesn’t budge.

—Ensure you are leaving gaps between each brick and all the rows for your grout. A  dowel is a great way to make sure all your gaps are the same size!

5. If there are any gaps with the regular sized thin brick, you can cut it down into smaller pieces to fit.

6. Now that all the brick is in the wall you need to fill in the gaps with grout. Here is a good resource for adding grout between your thin brick:

7. Let it dry overnight and then ENJOY your new Summit Brick thin brick wall!

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