The Incredible Products We Distribute!

We are proud to be a distributor for many other great companies. Here’s a list of who we distribute for and a little about what they do! Interested in a product below? Contact us!

Acme Brick Company: We represent the Acme Brick product line in Colorado! Acme is a great addition to our masonry products, especially with their specialty in producing King Size brick.

Spec Mix: You really cannot beat the quality and look of the mortar from Spec Mix! Their mortar is formulated for superior bond, water retention, and board life. With 25 colored mortar to choose from, you can truly create a look all your own.

Borgert Products: Family owned and operated since 1923, Borgert creates high-quality concrete pavements and related products. Their concrete pavers and slabs are truly incredible and a great addition to any outdoor area.

Continental Cast Stone: They are the nations largest manufacturer for cast stone. “Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete building stone manufactured to simulate natural cut stone.”

Coronado Stone: Coronado Stone manufactures stone veneer in a process that makes it look extremely similar to natural stone. For over 50 years, they have created stone to capture the natural elegance and beauty of genuine stone.

Creative Mines: Creative Mines creates Craft Stone Veneer and Natural Stone Veneer. Their craft stone veneer is created from 70% post-industrial content and their natural stone goes through a strict evaluation process to make sure it’s up to their standard.

Eldorado Stone: Eldorado also creates architectural stone veneer. They have a passion for creating authentic products that elevate quality, design, and attainability. Besides architectural stone, they also create outdoor products such as firebowls, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchen materials.

Elgin Butler: Elgin Butler creates ceramic glazed masonry units, which are unsurpassed in beauty and durability. This makes them a great choice for sustainable building design. Benefits of Elgin Butler include being stain resistant, never discoloring, and fire resistant.

Halquist Stone: Halquist Stone creates Stone Veneer, Landscape Stone, Stone Tile, and Cut Stone. The natural beauty of their stone and the depth of color in it will exude elegance in any room.

Harristone: Harristone veneer delivers the authentic look and feel of natural stone without the expensive price tag. When used on a solid surface, this stone requires no footings, foundation, or structural support.

Merrillstone: Merrillstone creates thin stone veneer. Their veneer is 1 inch thick, which gives the look of natural stone without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Redland Brick- Cushwa: With Cushwa you get the high-quality bricks you need, when you need them. They are known for dependability and conformity to architectural specifications. 

Tabs Wall Systems: The Tabs Wall System was designed to meet the challenges of installing thin veneer materials efficiently and effectively.

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